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Create: 09 May 2010     Update: 10 Jun 2010
    Our company production technical craft of coated film and the products quality occupies the internal leading status at present. The sales market mainly faces to foreign market. Our company locate in the Changjiang delta economy circle, occupies 66,000 square meters with extremely ascendant geography condition.
    We take the technology as forerunner, capital as supporter to try all effects to make the country prosperous and insist on producing generation and stockpile generation development idea, unceasingly promote the products adapt to the requirements of
foreign market. We owned the all sealed 100,000 Cleanliness high standard workshop comply with GMP, ultra power air-conditioning setting guarantee the constant temperature and humidity all over of the producing process. With the hygienic resin raw material and imported assistant material (Germany, America, Japan, Korea), made the produced products has a clear and bright appearance, toughness and intensity achieved the best balance. The capability that suit for two times machining is very excellence, shape-full, tenacity and highly heat sealing intensity and non-leakage phenomenon.
Complete establishment testing department with rigorous and careful quality testing personnel, have used the strict supplier examination system in addition. Supplying channel for original and assistant material decades sees like a day, stable production quality, obtained clients deep dependence. Presently, our products are normally exported to America, Russia,
France, Holland, Spain, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Iran.
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No.8 Nan'erhuan Road [225400]
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