Date: 08 Jan 2010
The top of circulation head connects to the kelly, the bottom connects to the casing. It is used to circulate the cement slurry before cementing. Sometimes the cementing head can be replaced by lifting circulation head.
The top of circulation head connects to the hoses, the bottom connects to the casing.
1、Its upper end is drill pipe box or union, the nether end is casing pin. It is a crossover(X/O) with hollow inside.
2、Main body are made from AISI4145H alloy steel.
2?"IF×4"LTC(BTC)、3?"IF×4?"LTC(BTC)、3?"IF×5" LTC(BTC)、4?"IF×5?"LTC(BTC)
4?"IF×7"LTC(BTC)、4?"IF×7?"LTC(BTC)、4?" IF×8?"LTC(BTC)、4?"IF×9?"LTC(BTC)、4?"IF×10?"STC(BTC)、4?"IF×13?"STC(BTC)、4?"IF×16"STC(BTC) 4?"IF×18?"STC(BTC)、4?"IF×20" STC(BTC)
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