Float Collar Shoe

Date: 24 Sep 2009
 Our company produces the float collar floats the shoes main body material to use 35CrMo, may drill in the type to buy to have the aluminum alloy to combine becomes, may act according to the user request, provides each kind of thread specification to you the float collar to float the shoes, for example: Short round thread (S), oval thread (L), acme thread (B) and analysis situs buckle: TPCQ, TP-NF, TP-FJ, WSP-IT. May divide into the float type, from to fill the type, the spring type, the tongue beat and the self-locking type float collar according to the back pressure equipment floats the shoes.
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Qingdao ZhiFeng Petroleum Equipment Co., LTD.
North Xuanzhou Road 266 Of Jiaozhou City Shandong Provence [266300]
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