Laboratory oven XU line

Date: 25 Dec 2009
 wide range of heating and drying, highly versatile,compact ovens.
Used for many thermal processes: heated storage, heat treatment, thermal testing, sterilisation, aging processes and conventional or complex drying processes. 
They have a place in every laboratory and every industry.
All ovens are fan circulated models, for accuracy and minimum temperature spatial deviation.
Performances :
Designed to operate from room temperature +10°C up to 200°C or up to 300°C, as the thermal insulation  and  power  rating  depend  on  the maximum temperature required.
Temperature fluctuation: less than ±0.2 °C.
Temperature spatial variation: less than ±1,2°C at 105,0°C.
Rapid heating-up times. 
Low surface temperature of outer casing.
Construction :
Ten sizes of ovens available from 18 to 980 liters. 
Inner casing is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, type 04, bright polished.
The  outer case is  made of sheet steel, finished in a tough toved epoxy paint. (colour light grey)
No contact between inner and outer case and an optimised insulation minimise heat dissipation.
Walls and door are insulated with glass fibre. The insulation is 70  mm  thick;  this  ensures  efficicent  operation,  low external temperatures and excellent thermal stability.
Silicone rubber gasket provides a good seal between the door and the oven body. The insulation and the gasket are asbestos-free. The door is hinged on the right hand side.
Heating :
Tubular heating elements are sheathed and made of stainless teel. 
Ideally placed around the fans.
No-wear switching (solid state relay) is used for activating and eactivating the heating elements.
Internal fan for air circulation :
All ovens are fan circulated models. The air flow speeds up the rying process and also evens the temperature distribution within the oven.
The fan and heaters are in the rear of the oven, shielded from the workspace by a stainless steel baffle.
Air is drawn into the fan from the centre of the oven and passes over the temperature sensor and the sheathed heater elements. The heated air is distributed around the baffle to both left and right and then re-circulated by the fan.
Temperature control and safety : 
Temperature sensor is thermocouple. 
Temperature  is  controlled  by  a  precise  microprocessor based controller  that  provides  a  high  accuracy  and  prevents  the  set temperature  from  being  exceeded.   The  independent  over temperature thermostat cut out has an adjustable upper limit, giving a class 3.1 protection.  The autotune PID digital controller digitally displays the set and actual values of temperature, and incorporates the  heater  indicator  lamp.     Control  panel  houses  an  ON/OFF switch,  and  a  fault  indicator  lamp  which  lights  when  the  safety thermostat comes into operation.
Exhaust air, fresh air supply :  
Through access vent, fresh air is provided and pre-heated before entering the chamber. 
A 30 mm diameter exhaust vent is provided with an adjustable valve to control the exhaust air flow.
Equipment :
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