Lubricant Additives T321 Sulfurized Isobutylene

Date: 30 Jul 2010
Description T321 is an additive including sulfur prepared from sulfur or mono sulfur chloride and isobutylene. It provides the lubricants with extreme pressure and antiwear property, and can be widely used for blending gear oils, and industrial oils, etc. Special features Excellent extreme pressure abrasion resistance Fine oil solubility Lower copper carrosion Applications Used for blending various medium and high grade gear oils Used for blending antiwear hydraulic oils Used for blending cutting oils Used for blending lubricating grease The dosage: 1.5-5.0% Characteristics Item Typical value Density (20oC), (ASTM D1298), kg/m3 1150 Flash point (COC), (ASTM D92), oC 100 Kinematic viscosity (100oC), (ASTM D445), mm2/s 8.0 S, (ASTM D129), m% 44.0 Copper corrosion (121oC, 3h), (ASTM D130) 3 The enterprise standard Q/JTH001-2007 Points for Attention It is packed in metal drums of 200 litres. Store in dry, clean and well ventilated warehouses. For the details of health and safety precautions, please see the related Material Safety Data Sheet.
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Liaoning Tianhe Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd(lubricant additives)
No.100,West Jiefang Road, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, P. R. China[121016]
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