Lubricant Additives T809A Ester-Type Pour Point Depressant

Date: 30 Jul 2010
Description T809A is a copolymer of high carbon alcohol esters. When added into oils, it can effectively reduce the pour point of lubrication oils and improves its low temperature fluidity. It is a pour point depressant generally used for the lubricating oils. Special features Fine pour point depressing effect for paraffin-based oil. Add 0.5m% into HVI150SN base oil (the freezing point not higher than -15oC), the pour point depression will be more than 15 degrees Celsius. Applications Used for blending various low freezing point engine oils, machine oils and hydraulic oils The dosage: 0.1-0.5% Characteristics Item Typical value Density (20oC), (ASTM D1298), kg/m3 940 Flash point (COC), (ASTM D92), oC 170 Kinematic viscosity (100oC), (ASTM D445), mm2/s 290 Pour point depression*, (ASTM D97), oC 15.0 *The pour point depression is obtained when 0.5m% of this product is added into HVI 150SN base oil with a freezing point no higher than -15oC. The enterprise standard Q/JTH008-2007 Points for Attention It is packed in 200 litre metal drums. Store in dry, clean and well ventilated warehouses. For the details of health and safety precautions, please see the related Material Safety Data Sheet.
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Liaoning Tianhe Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd(lubricant additives)
No.100,West Jiefang Road, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, P. R. China[121016]
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