PVC/PE color film

Date: 16 May 2010
PVC/PE color film Due to PE has good heat sealing ability, it can not obstruct the gas but it can obstruct the fluid very well. It is good for fluid medicine packing. Some factories used old glass bottles before, it has two fatal defects: 1.It is easy broken when you are opening. 2.The fluid in it is easy to expand and crash the bottle when it has fermented. So it will damage the product packaging. Pharma-grade PVC/PE composite film has kept away from the two defects above. It is mainly produced by officinal PVC film, then heat seal PE film. During the producing, the temperature, coated quantum and solid time are measured strictly to make sure that the product can meet the standard of the same product in the international. The heat sealing ability is 4 times higher than common PVC film. It also has good rigidty, flexility, cash resistance and dilatability. It is suitable for packing all kinds of fluid medicine. PS: If there is any volatile, please consult to use PVC/PVDC/PE coated film. This product has high obstruct ability. It can complete avoid the volatilization of the shortage quantity or other effect that affected the capability of the medicine. Baytree Packaging Material Corporation Address: No.8 NanerHuan Road Taixing Jiangsu China Zipcode: 225400 Tel: +86 523 8771 3900 / 87713902 Fax: +86 523 8771 3700 Mobilephone: +86 135 1255 2047 Website: http://www.sinocpm.com Email: china@sinocpm.com MSN: baytreechina@hotmail.com Skype:baytreechina
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