series pressurized (marine) switchboard

Date: 24 Jun 2010
ZKG(H) series pressurized (marine) switchboard are suitable for working in the explosive gas atmospheres of zone1 or zone 2 and classification Ex p ⅡT6, which serve as switching power system and control of electrical apparatus on offshore platforms or ships. Inside shall be mounted various meters, electric devices, frequency converters, soft-starters, computers and so on, which shall be used as equipment starter, control, processor of center signals and control systems.
The products conform to the standards of GB3836.1-2000(Equ. IEC60079-0:1998) Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres-Part1: General Requirements and GB3836.5-2000(Equ. IEC60079-2:1990) Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres-Part5: Pressurization “P”, and also to the Rules and relevant Regulation of China Classification Society (CCS).
It is the principal of pressurized purge explosion-proof switchboard that the source of ignition is separated by non-explosive medium. That is, all of client’ electrical apparatus shall be put in a enclosure full of pressurized clean and dry air to make outside explosive gas not to touch the flashing and hazardous temperature produced by apparatus while normal working. By the means, we achieve the aim of explosive-proof.
For the products, we have the Certificate of Type Approval for Marine Product by China Classification Society (CCS) and have the Certificate of Conformity by China National Quality Supervision and Test Center for Explosion Protected Electrical Products (CQST).
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